Top 5 music composing apps

In the world of today, anyone can make music easily with the great applications available on the web. There are lots of music composing apps that allow users to compose music wherever they are. If you are talented and have little financial resources, these apps will take you far. They are easy to install on your mobile device and use.

1. Mixcraft 7
This is a very amazing app that lets you create high-quality songs, mixes, background music, and videos easily and fast. With this tool, you can unleash your creativity and compose unlimited songs, effects, sounds and instruments among many other. This composer brings you:
– a powerful 64-bit computing with a 32-bit compatibility
– Mixcraft 7 allows users to adjust digital audio and clips in line with their composition using time-stretching and pitch-shifting technologies. It can be used as an app for DJ’s.

2. Music composition
With this free Android app, you can easily compose music right from your phone or tablet. If you are a music student, artist or even a songwriter, this composer will be excellent for you. Music composition is one of the most dynamic music composition applications for any music project. Its main features include – music notation editor
– 128 playable instruments
– calculates each measure size and automatically fills
– it exports playable audio file and printable image file.

3. Maestro
Maestro is an Android app that you can download freely and install from Play Store. Enjoy making music using your fingers right from your mobile device. This is mainly a music notation editor but also include a metronome and pitch. Its main features include:
– the ability to change key signature
– changeable time signature
– a wide choice of instruments
– Is fast and easy to work with.

music app

4. Caustic 3
Caustic has long been regarded as the best Android music composer on the apps market. It enables you to make music using a maximum of 14 devices. Its toolbox includes:
– a drum machine
– synths
– organ
– effects
– vocoder
– sequencer
– mixer.
Most of the parameters of this composer can be automated and it your Wav files can be hosted on several devices. It also allows you to load FL Studio mobile instruments. Caustic is clearly the best Android app to start your music creation project.

5. G-Stomper Studio
G-stomper is one of the most visually elegant music composing apps in the Android world. Most Android music composers lack the visual appeal of their iOS, but this app is an exception. In the features department, it is easy to step sequence a drum machine with the visual analog synth creating a full production environment. It also focuses on live performance with its virtual piano keyboard and 24 drum pads. When you throw in a mixer, the effects, and a song arranger, you get one of the most comprehensive and classy Android music composing experience right at your fingertips.

Install any of these apps into your phone or tablet and experience the wonders of an affordable music composing environment to bring your dreams to reality. These applications can open your world to new opportunities that you never knew existed and create your music without spending time and money on an expensive recording studio.

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