Types of Drums in the Music Industry

There are many types of drums. They are classified according the place of origin as well as the way of playing them. Drums are played by beating their stretched surfaces to produce sound. You need to learn tactics before you can be a competent drummer. Common types of drums include the following:


Box drum

This is a drum shaped just like a box.

Frame drum

It is a shallow drum with wide drum head.

Friction drum

In the case of friction drum, you will have to rub the drum so that the sound will be produced. It is a bit different from ordinary drums played through beating the elastic surface.

Bass drum

If you will like to have a drum which produces the lowest tone, then bass drum is the best for you.

Two-headed drum

A drum which two drum head is referred to as two headed. It can be a cylinder with two beating surfaces.

Kettle drum

It is a hemispherical drum having a bowl shaped body made out of fiberglass.

Jug drum

A jug drum utilizes a pottery jug for the chamber section. The drummer rubs on the pottery section to produce the required music.

Hand drum

No sticks or beaters, the drum is played by bare hands.

Snare drum

The drum has wires which vibrate when the drum is beaten. It produces a buzzing sound.

Slit log drum

This is a hollow piece of bamboo or wood with slits alongside its length.


Standing drum

As the name suggests, it is a long drum which stands on the floor. It is common in areas where you will like to produce loud sound.

Stir drum

There is no drum head in the stir drum. It is played by moving a beater in a cylinder. The cylinder is made out of wood having graduated lengths. It resembles xylophone which has been curled rather than being laid flat.

Talking drum

This refers to a drum which produces different tones. The tones produced resemble speech. It is mostly used to communicate over long distances.

Goblet drum

It is a drum which narrows at the base but flares at the top just like a goblet. Apart from drums being categorized according to their appearance and sound produced, there are drums which have originated from different parts of the world such as African drums, Asian drums, native American drums among other types of drums.

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